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There are multiple ways of starting the Win2PDF Desktop App to convert a BMP to PDF.


1.You can double-click the Win2PDF Desktop icon from your Windows desktop, and then choose a BMP file in the "Open File" window.


2.You can drop a BMP file onto the Win2PDF Desktop icon.


3.You can choose Win2PDF Desktop from the Windows Start menu, and then choose a BMP file in the "Open File" window.


4.You can right click on the file in Windows Explorer and choose "Convert with Win2PDF".



The Win2PDF Desktop converter will open a "Save File" window that lets you choose the name and location of the converted PDF file.  The default PDF file name is the path and name of the BMP file. If the Win2PDF Auto-name feature is enabled, the converted PDF file will be named based on the configuration of the Auto-name settings.  


This feature requires a licensed version of Win2PDF. Contact for a time limited evaluation license.


You can also convert from BMP to PDF using the BMP2PDF command line.