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Installing Win2PDF and Win2PDF Pro

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If you are using a PC with the Windows 8 operating system, please visit our help topic on "How to install Win2PDF with Windows 8".


If you are using a computer with any other supported operating system, please use the following instructions to install Win2PDF.


To install Win2PDF, download and run the Win2PDF setup program. After you run the setup program, you will have a new printer in the printers folder named "Win2PDF".


Win2PDF printer view in printers folder


If you are evaluating Win2PDF, you can start creating PDF documents immediately. The evaluation version is fully functional, but every document will have an extra trailer page with Win2PDF product information. Also, a license reminder window will occasionally display. To evaluate Win2PDF or Win2PDF Pro without the trailer page, contact us for a time limited evaluation license.


The Win2PDF Pro install program can only be downloaded after you purchase the product. If you already have Win2PDF evaluation version installed, you do not need to uninstall Win2PDF before running the Win2PDF Pro install program.


If you have purchased Win2PDF, you can enter your license code by following the instructions in "Entering the Win2PDF license code".