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Is it possible to print multiple worksheets in a single Excel workbook to a single document?

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Some applications -- including Microsoft Excel -- can send multiple "print jobs" if it has multiple sheets with different print areas. Even though only one file is being printed, the application (i.e., Excel) breaks up the file into different print jobs and sends them separately to the printer. This typically results in multiple prompts for a file name, and multiple PDF files being created.


In Win2PDF 7.5 and later version, there is an Auto-merge feature to handle this situation. With Auto-merge enabled, all of the sheets in the workbook are merged automatically into a single PDF file if the file being printed has the same base file name and is printed in rapid succession.


In Win2PDF 7 and earlier versions, you will need to save the files separately or manually merge the files together. You can do this by selecting the worksheets that you want to print by holding down the "shift" or "control" key while clicking on the sheet tab. Select the "Print..." command from the "File" menu and make sure "Active sheet(s)" is enabled in the Excel print window. More information on selecting multiple worksheets is available at:


Alternatively, if you select "print to file" from the Excel print window all worksheets will be created in a single document.