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How to print to a PDF file from a Windows 8 style app

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The key differences with printing to Windows 8 style apps are:


1.Printers are accessed as Devices, which can be found in the Charm bar. You can access the Charm bar by moving the cursor to the right side of the screen and swiping up in a Windows 8 style app.

2.From Devices, you choose the printer named ‘Win2PDF’ and then print. Immediately after printing, you will receive a notification in the upper right corner of the screen. “The printer requires your attention. Go to the desktop to take care of it.

3.Click on this notification. This will bring you to the desktop where you will see the normal Win2PDF file save window.

4.Then you can set the file name and save the PDF as you normally would. If you click ‘View file’ and your default PDF viewer is a Windows 8 style app such as Microsoft Reader, then it will open up back in the Windows 8 full screen interface.


Here’s a short video that shows Win2PDF creating a PDF file from a Windows 8 style app:


How to print to Win2PDF from Windows 8 style apps