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Is there an annual fee to use Win2PDF?

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No. When you purchase Win2PDF, you will have a permanent, non-expiring, perpetual license to use Win2PDF for the creation of PDF files. There are no limits with regard to file size or the number of PDF files that may be created, and there are no annual subscription fees.


Win2PDF does offer an optional "Priority Support" package which includes:

No charge for software updates (includes volume license installation packages for orders of 50 licenses or greater)

Priority e-mail support for all support issues; this will immediately notify support staff and put the support ticket to the top of the response queue.

Access to a direct phone line to discuss support issues "in person" during US business hours (9am-5pm, US Central Time Zone).

72-hour max response time for all reported issues.

Priority bug fixing.

Custom hot-fix builds if necessary.

Remote diagnostic assistance (if allowed by customer) to connect via the internet to the customer's PC or server for troubleshooting.


For pricing information on Win2PDF Priority Support, contact