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Win2PDF Desktop Command Line Summary

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The Win2PDF Desktop application that is part of build 10.0.56 or above now supports a command line interface in addition to the graphical interface.  If you supply any commands in this format, it will process it directly from the command line. Otherwise, it displays the graphical interface.


The command line interface is supported for licensed copies of Win2PDF.  Attempting to run a command line with the evaluation version of Win2PDF will return an error, or an trailer page will be added to the resulting PDF.


The executable is located in the printer driver directory which is usually:




On 64 bit systems, and :




On 32 bit systems.


The general format of the command line is:


win2pdfd.exe subcommand parameter1 parameter2 …


Where subcommand can be one of:












The number of parameters varies depending on the subcommand, and all parameters specified in the subcommand documentation are required.


If no subcommand is specified, first command line parameter is assumed to be a file name instead of a subcommand.  If the file name ends with a PDF extension, the Win2PDF Desktop application opens with the graphical options to append, prepend, delete pages, or extract pages.  Otherwise, the file name in the first parameter is opened with the default file handler for the file type and sent to the Win2PDF printer. If the Win2PDF auto-name feature has been enabled, the file will be converted to PDF using the settings specified by the auto-name feature.