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How to use the Win2PDF Desktop App

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The Win2PDF Desktop App is an icon for your desktop and allows you to drag and drop files to create a PDF.  Normally, since Win2PDF installs as a printer, you would need to open a document in another application (like Word, Excel, etc.) and then choose print.  This eliminates that extra step.


Here is a short video showing how to use the Win2PDF Desktop App:



Win2PDF Desktop requires a working copy of Win2PDF to work.  When you install it, it will automatically download and install a copy of Win2PDF (if you do not already have it installed).  

To use the Desktop App, drag a file (or multiple files) onto the Win2PDF Desktop icon to create a PDF file.  It will open and print the default application associated with the file type (e.g., a .DOC file will open with Microsoft Word, an .XLS file will open with Microsoft Excel, etc.).  It will prompt you for where to save the file and for the name.  If you want save the PDF file without prompting, you can use the Win2PDF Auto-name capability.


If you double-click on the icon, it will prompt you to select a file on your hard drive.  Again, it will open and print using the default application associated with that file type.


If you drag or select an existing PDF, you can append to an existing PDF, prepend to an existing PDF, extract pages or delete pages from the existing PDF.


If you right-click on a file in the Windows Explorer or the desktop, you can choose Open With –> Win2PDF Desktop


If the Windows clipboard contains an image, you can convert the clipboard to a PDF.