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Auto-Name: Include Search Field

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When the "Auto-name Files" option is enabled, you can add a previously defined content field to the file name by checking the "Include Search Field" option.


Win2PDF Desktop Configure Auto-Name: Include Search Field

Win2PDF Desktop Configure Auto-Name: Include Search Field


To define a search field, first open a representative PDF in the Win2PDF Desktop app. The search field is defined by selecting "Define Auto-Name Search Field" from the "Auto-Name" menu, and specifying the search word that precedes the desired text field. If text is found after the search word, it will be displayed as sample text after the "Include Content Field" item. If the search field hasn't been defined, the sample text will say "Not defined". You can define up to three search fields, and select the desired search filed using the drop down menu.


If the text in the PDF file is not searchable, you can download and install the optional "Win2PDF OCR Add-on" from:

You should make the PDF searchable before defining the content field, and you should select "OCR PDF" as the file type in the auto-name settings.


The "Sample File Name" listed at the bottom of the window is updated to show the resulting file name based on the options selected using the sample text from search field. This option can be combined with any of the other auto-name options.