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Content Field

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To enable the second method, the content field used for the name is defined in the Win2PDF Desktop App.


You simply start by opening a sample file in Win2PDF Desktop that is illustrative of the format of the documents that will be used in the future. In the following example, there is a "Doc #" which is unique to each printed file. To use this unique number as part of the Auto-name for future documents, make the following settings:


1.Go to Auto-Name menu.

2.Select Define Auto-Name Content Field from the menu.

3.Use your mouse to define the area on the page where the content field resides. (Note: Each future document must have this same screen location)

4.After this has been defined, it will show you the value on the screen. Next, choose Configure Auto-Name... from the Auto-Name menu.

5.Check the box for Auto-Name and check the "Include Content Field" option along with any other Auto-Name settings you would like and click OK.


The following screen cast shows how this can be defined.



How to set the Content Name Field using Win2PDF's Auto-Name feature



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