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How to Email a PDF using web-based email (Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Outlook Web Access)

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Win2PDF has a feature to "Send file" that can be enabled on the file save window (see below).


Win2PDF Send PDF option


When this option is checked, Win2PDF will create the PDF file and automatically attach it to a new email message using the computer's default MAPI email client (which is typically Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail).


If you do not use a full MAPI email client like Outlook and rely on web-based email, Win2PDF can also be configured to send a PDF using Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, or custom SMTP servers.


You can also use a third party program called Affixa for users that want to use the "Send file" feature with a web-based email program. Affixa resides in the background and acts as a connector to these web-based email services. When you use the "Send file" feature in Win2PDF it automatically creates a web email message with the PDF attached.


More information on Affixa and its products can be found at